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Rapid developments in the labour markets and educational systems in Europe have brought about enormous changes in education and training provision in post compulsory and adult learning. This provision often falls outside any formal educational system and procedures. It can therefore be difficult to assure the quality of the training provided. As people become aware of the importance of updating their skills and employers demand increasing accountability, learning providers may need to be able to prove the quality of their programmes. 

The EQM is a quality mark initially jointly developed by partners from eight European countries. When reviewing the criteria, the partnership took into regard the recommendations of the Thematic Working Group on Quality in Adult Learning from October 2013.

The EQM is a quality assurance mark for all providers of non-formal learning throughout Europe. It is a system for quality assuring non-formal learning providers and their activities, services and work. EQM measures how effectively the organisation understands what systems and activities are required to provide and support quality learning in relation to the European standards for quality assurance of adult learning. It is designed to help learning providers meet the emerging European and national requirements for quality. It can also be used to support quality development and quality assurance in any other kind of learning provider's.

The EQM products are reviewed and updated, but the original versions are all to be found under Archive.


"I don't know what quality is, but I recognize it when I see it" (Plato)

About the EQM

The EQM is a quality mark initially jointly developed by partners from eight European countries in a Leonardo da Vinci partnership project.

The development of the EQM and review of criteria is now done by four North-European countries with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers under the Nordplus adult program.

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